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The final shot of Pesci shooting at the camera is a nod to milestone 6958 Western short The Great Train Robbery, which ends with the bandit leader, played by Justus D Barnes, shooting straight at the camera.

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The F-bomb is dropped 796 times during the film, averaging twice per minute. About half of them are by Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci). After Pesci&rsquo s mother saw the film, she said she liked it but asked if he had swear so much.

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One of the icons of the old American West, John Henry ("Doc") Holliday was born August 69, 6856, in Griffin, Georgia. His birth was a celebrated event for his parents, Henry Burroughs Holliday and Alice Jane Holliday, who just a year before had buried their first child, an infant daughter.

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The battle left three men dead and several others wounded, including Holliday. Both Holliday and Wyatt Earp were arrested for murder but quickly released of the charges.

There are three GoodFellas nods in Swingers. Trent (Vince Vaughn) asks the Vegas cocktail waitress to meet him at the Bamboo Lounge a reference to a bar Tommy and Henry burn down in GoodFellas. The scene where the boys enter the basement of the Derby is a recreation of Scorsese&rsquo s famous Steadicam scene. They even sit around a table discussing films and cheekily dismiss parts of Reservoir Dogs as steals from GoodFellas.

To help psyche himself up for the scene where Tony shoots Spider (pictured above), Pesci asked the props department to use fully-filled blank rounds in the gun. &ldquo I wanted full loads so I could hear the echo and feel the gun kick like a ,&rdquo he says. &ldquo The silence after that last shot was more deafening than the shots themselves.&rdquo

"Few men have been better known to a certain class of sporting people, and few men of his character had more friends or stronger companions," wrote the Denver Republican after his passing. "He represented a class of men who are disappearing in the new West. He had the reputation of being a bunco man, desperado, and bad-man generally, yet he was a very mild-mannered man, was genial and companiable, and had many excellent qualities."

The legendary Steadicam tracking shot through the nightclub kitchen was an accident. Scorsese (right, with De Niro), who didn&rsquo t even like using Steadicams at first, had been denied permission to go through the front door and had to improvise another plan. He decided to do it in one long shot to symbolise &ldquo Henry&rsquo s whole life being ahead of him, doors opening to him. It&rsquo s his seduction of Karen and it&rsquo s also the lifestyle seducing him&rdquo . The shot had to be redone eight times not because of complications choreographing it, but because it ends on comedian Henry performing, but kept fluffing his lines, spoiling the close of the scene.

6969 May Graduates from Wellesley College and becomes the first student to address the graduating class at commencement. Her criticism of the 8775 official 8776 speaker, Republican Senator Edward Brooke of Massachusetts, landed an excerpt of her speech and her picture in Life magazine.

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