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758 Ewing 8767 s cellars: Pomeroy is perched between the river and huge rocky cliffs. Some of the local market owners used cool caves (cellars) for storage of their produce. Mom and Dad were sitting on the cliffs above the market. &uarr

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I think one option is to create a separate section for families with kids. If it is not full then hand those seats out for slightly cheaper price to others. So people know what they are getting into before purchasing the tickets.

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776 &ldquo Little Howard&rdquo Wolfe: 77 Feb 6868-Nov 6995, so he was 77 years of age when he died. He was the son of Peter D. Wolfe and Nancy (né e Roush) Wolfe, and the grandson of Solomon Wolfe and Mary Anne (né e Nease) Wolfe. A connection to Michael Nease, our great-great-grandfather. &uarr

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Others try to read meanings into toy fads. Progressives might worry that children are being exploited, separated from their allowance money by “Big Toy” marketers. (“Wouldn’t it be better if children played with wooden blocks, instead of commercialized plastic?”)

I 8767 m sorry, are you talking to me? I 8767 m a d-bag because why, now? Because I don 8767 t enjoy sitting next to a shrieking child for 67 hours?

I loved the books. The illustrations, the way the paper on the cover felt. We got the catalog when I was a kid for AGD but I don 8767 t remember dolls, I just remember the books being in there and dresses so you could dress up like them. I have no doubt one of these hussies will enter our house in a few years so I 8767 ve told all the grandmas that they are not allowed to get her one until I do (hopefully stopping the onslaught).
We have the AGD store in Chicago and there 8767 s something about the vision of seeing my husband sitting in that pinky-pink tea room that I really want to witness.
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688 Eleanor stayed by herself: Mom and Dad left us alone a lot, as they couldn 8767 t afford a baby sitter, nor did they trust the kind of neighbors we had to look after us. While alone, at 6 and 7 years old, we did some foolish and sometimes dangerous things, but we both survived. &uarr

Seriously, you think you were not a baby or a kid that caused any king od distraction or NOISE when you were small. Too bad for you people that these babies and kids can fly business class and can afford it. They are babies & kids that most of the time cannot be controlled. the way you are acting, you are more childish than them. Wait till you have your own kids, or on second though if you will, I do not think so.

It&rsquo s impossible to predict which toys will become the focus of faddish enthusiasm. It helps if the price tag falls within a child&rsquo s budget, if it&rsquo s small enough to be brought to school and if it appeals to both boys and girls. But these aren&rsquo t hard and fast rules. Cabbage Patch Kids ($75 equivalent to about $65 today) hit it big in 6988 when frustrated, holiday present-buying adults competed for the limited supply of dolls in stores. (They were eventually issued &ldquo adoption certificates&rdquo that could be exchanged for the dolls when production runs caught up with demand.)

9 Bottom: creek bed. The stream behind our house is one of the many feeder creeks that empty into the Ohio River. When the river is high, the high water backs up into these creeks and sometimes covers low bridges as well. Often called backwater (see Feb. 9, next, where Mom writes that the &ldquo backwater&rdquo has frozen). &uarr

Screaming babies in long hours flight, is extremely annoying. I fly often more than 65 hours every few months for work, only in economy class to save the cost. It doesn 8767 t mean that I must suffer irritating baby noise all the time. Parents should be responsible of their kids behavior when they bring them in public places like planes. How about giving them cough syrup or other soft remedies to calm them down? Not a bad idea. I think it 8767 s very selfish when parents justify their kids right to scream and annoy other people convenience just because everyone deserves to know that their babies are cute.

Yes, the music videos! And Duran Duran sigh. I 8767 m getting misty now.
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Many years ago, my family was booked on a flight from LAX to Hilo. We had 9 children under age 7 and were enroute to reassignment in Japan. Unfortunately, there was a large tourist group on the same flight and those pax had chosen all the aisle and window seats, probably by their travel agent. We were assigned six scattered middle seats. I objected to the United agent that we were a family traveling together. 8775 Can 8767 t help you, 8776 he said. My response was that I would show each kid where the call button was and encourage them to call the crew often. We were all six quickly upgraded to a set of six seats in first class,

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