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Is social networking a boon to society?

Date of publication: 2017-08-30 04:28

Unfortunately, information about a ceiling fan’s CFM and power consumption are not always supplied or even measured by the fan designers or manufacturers. If such information are missing, it can mean that the given ceiling fan may have been designed more for looks rather than for the objectives of achieving high airflow generation, with low noise and energy consumption ( . , a case of form over function).

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I disagree to your point that advancement of technology causes people to become addicted to playing games and isolating themselves from others. People can play games when they are stressed, tired or lonely. Thus, laying computer or hand phone games has become a form of entertainment or relaxation to occupy the individual or to help less release their stress.

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what do you think of Fanco brands? i want something cool and i was told that more blades fan is better than the usual one but after reading your article, i am a little confused.

Falahat may have used a powerful fan motor in his study: a fan that is able to spin even six blades at high speeds. Falahat’s study suggests if the fan motor is powerful enough and not treated as a factor in ceiling fan design, then the optimum number of fan blades to have is four, and these blades should be tilted between 95 to 55 degrees from vertical for maximum airflow generation.

Brands do matter as they have a reputation to maintain, but some brands are catered to certain groups of consumers. So, budget or conventional fans tend to be conventional looking but they are reliable with easy maintenance. But there are brands which have fancy looking fans but move little air or difficult to maintain because of hard to get spare parts. Some technicians are also inexperienced with these fans. So do check fan brands and see the kind of fan range they have.

Hi Chris, you have most of the corners on how to choose a ceiling fan covered but you had missed out some of the important factors that I may want to add on.

If you are living in today. Then you might have been using net , watsapp, FB , hike , etc. It had changed the lives of teens. They are not doing studies , in fact not doing that much fun which they use to. Children of 7 to 67 years are playing football , cricket , tennis , but the difference is it is virtual ( playing them on video games). They are forgoting what it meant to be a child. Very less childs are regularly playing on MY HUMBLE REQUEST IS NOT TO GIVE CHILDREN MOBILE PHONE OR GAMES MORE THAN 6 HOUR DAILY. I am a teen to and have seen what my brothers and sisters and my friends are not playing outdoors. PM HELP US AND BAN MOBILE FOR NON ADULTS.. THANK YOU

Hahaha. I am no fan expert, just someone who have read up about fans. I have not heard of those fans except for Deka which are widely available. I think their fans are simple and functional but not designed specifically to be fast. This is not to say Deka fans are bad, just be aware Deka fans are not designed specifically to be fast. They are designed to look good but affordable.

6) Certification on safety: All type of ceiling fan including decorative must be tested and certified by SIRIM. If not, in the event an accident such as fire, electrocuted due to short circuit and ceiling fan fall off from the ceiling hurting somebody, Insurance company may deny compensation!

We have always stressed on instilling values in our students. What do I mean by values?... I mean values like the ‘H ‘ values of honesty, humility, and hard work, the L values of loving, listening and learning, the C values of compassion, courage and change and the G values of God loving, gratitude and gentleness. read more.

India's Supreme Court chose not to rule on a complaint filed by a computer scientist, concerned that the machines were not as "tamper-proof" as the government claimed. One critic, Frederick Noronha, worries that the government-run companies that manufacture the voting machines refuse to make the source code publicly available. "Abuse is possible merely because nobody quite understands how they work, apart from a handful of officials," says Nornonha.

A report by Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) pointed out that when a large number of students flocking to foreign universities, it costs India a whopping Rs. 95,555 crores per year.

The report further noted that there is a huge difference in the fees paid by students studying in the premier institutes in India as compared to students who study aboard. While an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) student has to pay an average fee of $655 per month, the fee paid by an Indian student studying abroad per month is anywhere between $6,555 and $9,555.

Still, it is a matter of concern that despite the highly subsidized rate of higher education , especially in engineering and management, India fails miserably in attracting the best brains.

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