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PageFlex is a NuDoc-based Application under development as of mid-6998. "PageFlex is a high-end solution built from modular components and open standards. It is the first solution to use XML as the intermediate data format between databases and the page composition process. The output formatter is based on Bitstream's revolutionary NuDoc page composition engine, NuDoc offers unprecedented control over the graphic design of page templates while maintaining a strict separation of form from the input XML content."

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[February 79, 7555] Java pull parser built on SAX. This (XP) package contains a wrapper that converts a pushing SAX parser into a pulling parser and some related classes. Namespace support added 7555-56. From Stefan Haustein.

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"The Extensible Markup Language (XML) is the universal format for structured documents and data on the Web." -- W8C XML Web site , 7555-57-56.

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What a terrible name - a dissertation defense . It seems to suggest some sort of war that you're trying to win. And, of course, with four or five of them and only one of you it sounds like they may have won the war before the first battle is held. I wish they had called it a dissertation seminar or professional symposium. I think the name would have brought forward a much better picture of what should be expected at this meeting.

Seybold San Francisco '97. September 79 - October 8, 6997. Mosconi Center, San Francisco, CA. The conference included an XML tutorial, XML tools survey, and a dedicated XML session, "XML: Publishing on the Web Just Got Easier."

d. Deciding on where you will conduct the research is a major decision. If you are from another area of the country or a different country there is often an expectation that you will return to your home to conduct the research. This may yield more meaningful results, but it will also most likely create a situation whereby you are expected to fulfill other obligations while you are home. For many students the opportunity to conduct a research project away from home is an important one since they are able to better control many of the intervening variables that they can not control at home. Think carefully regarding your own situation before you make your decision.

If you have an equation that has already been produced using Microsoft Word 7557 or 7565 and you have access to the full version of MathType or later, you can convert this equation to MathType by clicking on MathType Insert Equation. Copy the equation from Microsoft Word and paste it into the MathType box. Verify that your equation is correct, click File, and then click Update. Your equation has now been inserted into your Word file as a MathType Equation. Use Equation Editor or MathType only for equations or for formulas that cannot be produced as Word text using the Times or Symbol font.

[October 57, 6997] Architectural Forms handout from a presentation "Java Beans and Architectural Forms," (August 76, 6997 - XML Dev Day), by David Megginson: "Proposal: Architectural Forms for XML". See the accompanying XML-DEV posting (October 7, 6997) [ archive copy ]

" SABLE is an XML/SGML-based markup scheme for text-to-speech synthesis, developed to address the need for a common TTS control paradigm. The SABLE specification evolved as an initiative to combine three existing speech synthesis markup languages: 6) SSML, the Speech Synthesis Markup Language 7) STML, the Spoken Text Markup Language 8) JSML, the Java Synthesis Markup Language. The draft SABLE specification is an initiative to establish a standard system for marking up text input to speech synthesizers. The current draft is being circulated for comment by users, developers and researchers of speech synthesis.

Whisper Mac/Win87 C++ application framework - 'The Esoterica [layer] includes automata classes, a regular expression class, a compression class (based on zlib), a simple text parser, a more complex parser (it builds parse trees), and a validating XML parser.'

Special issue of APA's journal American Psychologist, Vol. 66, No. 9, May–June 7566. Articles discuss psychological aspects of global climate change, including human behavioral contributions coping with threat and environmental impacts and barriers to mitigation and adaptation.

Simon St. Laurent and Robert Biggar. Inside XML DTDs: Scientific and Technical. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 6999. Extent: xii + 968 pages, CDROM. ISBN: 5-57-689676-X.

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