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Eye of the Needle - Chapter 3 - South Africa: Culture and

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This is why protecting culture in emergency situations, and building on its power to promote peace-building, recovery and reconciliation, as well as its potential to reduce vulnerabilities to disasters, is fundamental to achieving sustainable development and fostering security.

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Perhaps there is no better case than Rwanda of state killing in which colonial history and global economic integration combined to produce genocide. It is also a case where the causes of the killing were carefully obscured by Western governmental and journalistic sources, blamed instead on the victims and ancient tribal hatreds.

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That religions have played a role in conflict and warfare is well known. We have only to look at current and past wars to see that even when religious differences are not a direct cause, they may play an indirect and interactive role in conflict dynamics. [6] But religions have also contributed significantly to the development of more just, humane, and ecologically responsible societies. [7]

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Faced with escalating costs for peacekeeping operations, the . staff and members wanted not just success [to offset the failure in Somalia just a few years earlier], but success at low cost. Demands for economy, loudly voiced by the . and others, led to the establishment of a force only one third the size of that originally recommended and with a mandate that was also scaled down from that specified by the peace accords. Peacekeeping staff had proposed a small human rights division, which might have tracked growing hostility against Tutsi, but no money was available for this service and the idea was dropped.

Taken in total, or even in part, these processes are no small challenge. There can be a stubborn resistance to change on the part of victimizers, even when it may be in their best interests. Deutsch comments:

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The social justice aspects of political discontent can move people to action for social change. The direction of the social change efforts will be based on the object of the discontent. For example, says Boulding, if the object is the rate of economic growth, agitation may be directed toward developing economic programs or political institutions that promote growth. If it springs from restrictions on personal liberties, agitation will be directed toward civil liberties and/or national liberation. And if the discontent arises from perceived injustice in the distribution of privileges and burdens, agitation may be aimed at progressive income taxes, expropriation of property, or some other form of redistribution. [79]

The first question is easy to answer: Very obviously, it did not. The whole history of relations between foreigners and natives in South Africa can be summed up by the following quotation from Van Riebeeck s diary:

In cases where a stubborn refusal by perceived victimizers to redress injustices is met by a growing sense of injustice and discontent on the part of the victims, the situation may become increasingly polarized and conflictive. All the more so if both sides believe they have moral and religious authority or God on their side.

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