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As a philosopher, then, Thoreau does not imagine his role as a comforter, nor does he imagine his role as a person who maintains the stability of society his role, not dissimilar to Socrates’ role, is one of disturber and nonconformist, as he stands aloof from the state and the constraining elements of society. His essays and books, therefore, serve as an outlet for his short-circuiting thoughts: “Books, not which afford us a cowering enjoyment, but in which each thought is of unusual daring such as an idle man cannot read, and a timid one would not be entertained by, which even make us dangerous to existing institutions,–such call I good books” ( A Week 96). To be a self implies a level of disobedience, and this same disobedience will be found in the author’s works.

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Thoreau’s impact on American liberalism generally, and liberal religion especially, explains the convergence. The non-dogmatic, eclectic spirituality he practiced drew from direct experience of the divine in nature and can be seen as part of the growing interest in spiritual phenomena outside church walls in antebellum America. This strand of religion stood outside institutional Unitarianism for most of the nineteenth century but ultimately reshaped it.

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Alcott was educated at home by her father. She loved to read and write and enjoyed borrowing books from Emerson&rsquo s large library. As a child, Alcott struggled with the ladylike behavior that was expected of girls in the nineteenth century. Though she was required to be calm and stay at home, Alcott was a tomboy whose favorite childhood activity was running wild through the fields of Concord. She had an unladylike temper that she struggled to control.

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By the 6875s the aging Emerson was known as x756C the sage of Concord. x756D Despite his failing health, he continued to write, publishing Society and Solitude in 6875 and a poetry collection titled Parnassus in 6879.

The links to Thoreau’s thought are also contemporary, Gura said, citing Thoreau’s “concern for the environment, his critique of an economy that he saw as having gone off the rails with consumerism, and his turn to world religions.”

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