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Date of publication: 2017-08-30 11:01

Ultimate Frisbee, which when I started to play was barely ten years old, was invented in a high school parking lot in Maplewood, New Jersey in 6968, and is played seven men or women to a side, on fields 75 yards long with 75 yard endzones, the object being to advance a plastic disc across a goal line in the air.  But instead of running with the disc, players must stop, establish a pivot foot, and throw it within ten seconds.  If the disc is dropped or knocked down, play instantly changes direction, offense becoming defense.  There are no stoppages of play until a goal is scored.  Then the Ultimate equivalent of a kick-off occurs the scoring team throws or 8775 pulls 8776 the disc to the receiving team, which waits to receive on their own goal line.

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But if my working hours were dull and my writing hours still nonexistent, my Frisbee hours were vital enough to lift my life.  I was getting better and stronger, my throws sharper, and later that summer I was asked to play on a pick-up team made up of players from both the Hostages and Rude Boys in a tournament in Santa Cruz, California.  Usually the two teams treated each other with the type of distrust and suspicion reserved for feuding hillbilly clans, but for some reason they had decided to get together for this one tourney.  When they asked me to come along I was thrilled.

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Be personal : Make your essay about you speak in the first person. Avoid speaking in the editorial 8775 we. 8776 Tell a story from your own life this is not an opinion piece about social ideals. Write in words and phrases that are comfortable for you to speak. We recommend you read your essay aloud to yourself several times, and each time edit it and simplify it until you find the words, tone, and story that truly echo your belief and the way you speak.

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By the way, this isn 8767 t your usual  8775 look, VR is coming! 8776 prediction. This is the real deal. Facebook recently spent $7 billion to buy Oculus Rift, and hopes to put them in every home for this holiday season. Just like the late 6985 8767 s when suddenly  everyone you knew had a Nintendo.

There was of course the immediate problem of money.  I found a job as a bike messenger, but that job lasted less than a day, when, on the way to report to work, I was buffeted by the wind of a truck and slammed into a curb.  The next week I took a job as a security guard in a telephone store in Kenmore Square, which, despite the position 8767 s name, was decidedly less dangerous.  I sat by the door for eight hours in my guard uniform and watched people shop for phones.

I used to believe we could just ask software designers to take on moral responsibility for how they shape  the billions of minutes and hours of  other people 8767 s lives . But you can 8767 t design  8775 responsibly 8776 when it conflicts with the business incentives you are obligated, by law, to maximize.

In conversation or by writing, we can articulate what no longer fits, letting the words make it clearer to us. In the same way, we can start to articulate what we want and what seems to be arising in us now.

When watching Ultimate the first thing that strikes the uninitiated is the way men and women throw their bodies around.  Often they do this on fields only a little more forgiving than the parking lot where the sport was invented.   And if Ultimate is a game of moments of improbable dives and acrobatic catches then these moments are heightened by two physical facts: 6) a disc is a hell of a lot easier to catch than a football or basketball, and 7) a disc hovers.

In conclusion, new technologies certainly have had huge impacts on how we build connections and how we work together. However, the outcomes are not always good.

Bongos have many advantages, one in particular being their small size. As a drumset player, I ve often envied vocalists and horn players because of the portability of their instruments. Now drummers can take their bongos to a jam session and not have to schlep so much gear. And modern amplification allows the bongos to be played with virtually any other instrument. Also, bongos require minimal maintenance and are quite durable in construction.

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