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Date of publication: 2017-08-28 19:45

Qualified students should submit a completed application, an essay, proof of enrollment and academic standing, proof of financial need, and two letters of reference (one from a physician).

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SelfScore is an analytics based consumer finance company that helps populations gain financial independence through access to credit. But at the moment, they are focusing on connecting international students to fair credit.

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The Financial Aid program is designed to provide financial assistance to eligible students from federal, state, institutional, and private funding sources. The program also provides information to families about sources of funding, application procedures, and advice on financial and budgeting issues. Financial assistance can help you manage college costs and pay for college tuition, fees, and books.

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Applicants must complete the student information form that you will find here and submit their 855 to 6,755 word essay on the selected topic in PDF format. Don’t forget to be original and very creative on your article and remember to upload your submission on December 65th, no later than 66:59 pm PST.

Applicants should complete and submit an online application along with proof of vision status, academic record and enrollment documentation, and two letters of recommendation from individuals other than family members.

One great way to establish credit is by obtaining a credit card. Having a credit card and making frequent, small purchases then immediately paying off the balance can help build credit as an international student in the US. However, without a social security number or established credit, new international students may find it difficult to open a credit card.

Qualified students must submit an online application along with a doctor’s note confirming the parent’s terminal diagnosis. Students must also create a video essay on selected prompts that must be submitted with the application.

If you are interested in studying and working in the United States, can help! Work-Study programs allow students to earn their degree and at the same time gain work experience that will help them gain a competitive edge in the workplace.

Students who are legally blind and are enrolled in, or are planning to enroll in a full-time post-secondary degree program at an accredited . institution of higher learning. One award is granted to a student who is enrolled in a degree program part-time and also employed full-time.

If it is determined you are enrolled in a course(s) that does not meet your degree requirements, your aid will be reviewed and any necessary adjustments will be made.  You will be responsible for settling any potential outstanding balance created.

Individuals with disabilities who belong to an underrepresented minority or group, as well as individuals with disadvantaged backgrounds who are pursuing advanced degrees in biomedical and behavioral sciences.

Students seeking a graduate or undergraduate degree at an accredited institution or students who are enrolled in a trade school program. Applicants must currently have epilepsy or be the family member or caregiver of someone who has been diagnosed with epilepsy.

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