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What gets to me are the politicians, prosecutors, and police who pose on church steps or kneeling in prayer on their campaign trails, but can’t face the scientific or the historical truth about cannabis, Medicinal Herb Number One, safe and effective for thousands of years, and celebrated by most of the world’s major religions.

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8775 Driving DUI will become one more excuse why people will not take responsibility for their lives. 8776
Millions of Americans drink, they do not all drive. This problem can be fixed with strict regulations on driving under the influence. Educating the users on Marijuana will prevent many respectable people from getting behind the wheel.

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I was getting stalara injections for psoriasis. This serious drug was $7555 per shot, four times a year. Each shot required blood work and a doctors visit and an annual test to make sure I could handle stalara. I found a cannibis extract in colorado for thirty-five dollars that eased the symptoms within the two days I got to use it. If I tried to bring it home I would have been guilty of smuggling.

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I support decriminalization of marijuana, but unless you have a bachelor 8767 s in Engineering, Rob, a GPA at the undergrad level isn 8767 t very good, unless you attended Reed College, Swarthmore, or University of Chicago.

Every opinion i have read here is actually irreverent!!! This is my USA and to think that Any In society or government would think that it is ok for our republic to take away the freedom of men to eat, drink or smoke whatever they so desire is unconscionable. I have been rolling in my grave for almost 655 years now knowing that my once great nation is slowly losing its way.

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Nice writing R Tonn. Your argument is sound and quite honestly carries more weight than any of the other comments addressing this study. I am all for nationwide legalization of marijuana. It is truly less damaging than alcohol, and though it needs control, it is truly the best choice.

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You are absolutely right. Alcohol does, in fact, destroy brain cells & lower the IQ. I 8767 ve noticed that quite often the most vehement hatred of pot smokers comes from alcoholics. I just ask them 8775 how much do you drink? Because you do drink a lot, don 8767 t you? 8776 They generally clam up then because they know it is true. They often just want someone to look down on. I don 8767 t dislike those who do drink alcohol, but I don 8767 t care to be around a bunch of drunk people really because many times they are dangerous & obnoxious. This doesn 8767 t happen with pot. Neither do hangovers, because it is not a poison like alcohol!

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