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Date of publication: 2017-08-25 00:06

He got out of the vehicle, walked into another building and opened fire again, and then engaged with a military police officer before shooting himself.

Taking a No-blame approach -What it Is and Why it Helps

Often, people in dispute do not understand or even believe that mediators do not seek to allocate blame. There is such a strong culture of blame in our institutions and organisational practices that sometimes people have no alternative concept for dealing with disputes.

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When a law is broken we assign blame and punish someone for their crime. Unfortunately in a ‘blame culture’ there is very little emphasis on the learning that can arise from a broken law. The emphasis is on finding out ‘who’, rather than on ‘what’ and ‘why’.

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Fantastic show. Thank you, thank you RadioLab for the amazing work you do. Always very stimulating that spurs one to read up on the subject matter you all present.

The parody put-down naturally showed up in the comments section of this article. My snarly rejoinder got rejected because I don’t have a Facebook account, so I had no choice but to just post it here on this blog.

Defining women’s liberation in terms of male interests is always gonna be an imperfect revolutionary technique. If we continue, like damsels poised to collapse on our fainting couches, to reassure anxious hetero cisgender dudes that their complicity is forgiven if they merely refrain from behaving like barbarians, we are supplicants. “We embrace your masculinity, but please, if it’s not too inconvenient, don’t us, Real Man!”

Anyway, here, via Perry Street Palace , is my contribution to International Women’s Day. You know how a spinster aunt loves an activist street art thing. Stop Telling Women to Smile.

The comments on the dude 8767 s article were unsurprising, largely composed of offended men who are insulted by the absurd insinuation that all men profit from women’s oppression. And dudes who claim to view “their wives” as “equals” but worry that any attack on masculinity — wherein is safeguarded the dudely right to prong whatever it likes — will bring about a dreaded “matriarchy.”

Maybe I'll come back when I get wind that Jad and Robert have chosen to serve their fans tasty morsels of new science, without telling us how they want us to chew it.

The purpose of the legal system is NOT just "rehabilitation." The purpose is to protect society as much as we can. Rehabilitation serves the purpose of protecting society and is something to strive for, but deterrence also serves the purpose of protecting society.

• Irish orphanage abuse whistleblower-and-champion Christine Buckley has died at 69. Buckley was a survivor of Goldenbridge orphanage in Dublin, where inmates were tortured by deranged nuns as a matter of routine. In her efforts to expose the abuse she met with denials and excuses at every turn, but she wasn’t havin 8767 it. Quoth Seán Ryan, the government dude who oversaw the investigation: “At great personal cost, she brought to public attention terrible wrongs done to children with the authority of the State. She was an indefatigable champion of those who were abused as children and disbelieved as adults. The nation owes her an enormous debt of gratitude.”

A blame approach rarely achieves this as it simply provides an opportunity to 'vent' the anger arising from this distress. It does not resolve and 'heal' that distress.

Aurora Ventures say they promote “economic advancement of women through entrepreneurial and career development.” What they mean is that they are lady-head-hunters working for ginormous corporations (BP, McDonald’s, Cisco, GE, Microsoft) interested in padding their workforce with talent they can get for 75 cents on the dollar.

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