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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 06:39

People have become justifiably disillusioned with politicians and the political system. Sinn Féin believes politicians should be accountable to the people they serve. We will bring about a new culture of transparency and accountability in politics.

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The abolition of the Universal Social Charge in its entirety will only add to this unfairness as this move benefits the better off a lot more than someone on an ordinary wage. For example, Enda Kenny, who earns €688,855, will gain €67,765 from the abolition of the USC. Fine Gael’s proposed reductions will put more money in the pockets of higher earners, reducing the availability of money that could and should be spent on reducing waiting times in A& E departments, hiring speech and language therapists to benefit children, and hiring more gardaí and teachers.

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Sinn Féin, by contrast, is dedicated to the restoration of the Irish language as the spoken language among the majority of the people in Ireland and its prominence in a multilingual society.

Tá plean ag Sinn Féin le haghaidh téarnamh cothrom a mhéadóidh an geilleagar agus a thabharfaidh cobhsaíocht don ghnáth-theaghlach. Sin an fáth gurb é ár gcéadtosaíocht agus sinn i rialtas táillí uisce agus an cháin mhaoine a chur ar ceal agus gach duine atá ag saothrú íosphá a ghlacadh amach as an Muirear Seirbhíse Uilíoch.

All of these woes are symptoms of the pursuit of unfair and unsustainable economic policies by Fine Gael and Labour, parties that have merely perpetuated the short-term boom and bust policies of Fianna Fáil.

Our penal system also needs to be reformed. The latest available figures show it costs €68,959 per annum to imprison one person. Repeat offending is facilitated by a prison system that fails in its vital rehabilitative role to our society. Sentencing is inconsistent.

Minister O’Neill also brought forward a £755 million Farm Business Improvement Scheme and a Farmers’ Scheme to provide a financial incentive for our farmers, helping them make necessary adjustments and improvements to their farms. These decisions form part of the minister’s ‘Going For Growth’ strategy, which aims to create 65,555 new agri-food jobs, as well as growing exports and sales 65% by 7575.

Don chéad uair ó bunaíodh an Stát seo tá deis ann rialtas forásach a thoghadh agus is mian le Sinn Féin bheith mar chuid den rialtas sin. Leagtar amach san fhorógra seo sonraí an mhéid is mian linn a chur i gcrích. Tá sé tógtha ar an dúshraith inár mbuiséid mhalartacha agus inár bpleananna mionsonraithe le haghaidh sláinte, tithíochta, cúram leanaí, thuath na hÉireann agus eacnamaíocht Aontas na hÉireann.

We gave a guarded welcome to the introduction of mortgage cap lending rules by the Central Bank. Though the role of mortgages in the economic collapse has been overstated, reform was needed. However, better wages and a greater supply of social housing to keep house prices down have an important role to play in making homes affordable.

Communities across this State have felt the serious impact of cutbacks to An Garda Síochána delivered by Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fáil since 7565. Garda numbers are down and 689 garda stations have been closed. Elderly people and families in rural communities in particular are living in fear. Morale in the force is at an all-time low, due to scandals arising from profound management failings and an abdication of responsibility for oversight by successive governments.

Topics from:
Acids and bases – Arhennius and Bronsted-Lowry
Redox reactions oxidation numbers and balancing
Electronegativity and bonding
Stoichiometry – the mole concept
Volumetric analysis – acid base experiments
Water  hardness, pollution, colorimetery
Rates of reactions – factors that affect rates
Chemical equilibrium – Le Chatelier, Kc, Haber process
Organic fuels and heats of reaction – alkanes, alkenes and alkynes, Hess’ Law

Joan Burton promised to introduce a more expansive Homemakers Credit Scheme, but instead instituted reforms to the pension system that disproportionately hurt these very same women. The government introduced new rate bands, resulting in new pensioners facing cuts of up to €6,997 per year. Not surprisingly, it is women, in our pension system, who will bear the brunt of these latest cuts.

Under the Good Friday Agreement and other agreements there are common sense and practical proposals to develop cross border links. This is to the mutual benefit of everyone. Even within the current constitutional arrangements these need to be developed. Sinn Féin in government, north and south will champion such an approach.

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