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Ambubachi in Kamakhya shrine, Shivaratri Mela at Umananda and other places near Shiva temples, Durga Puja, Diwali, Dol-Jatra, Id, Christmas, Ashokastami Mela, Rash Mela, Parasuram Mela are other religious festivals. Regional Festival of other states

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The roaring technological innovation has a detrimental impact on the local tradition enjoyed for long time. While a lower proportion of people are used to repeating their ancestor’s footsteps, vast majority of men remarkably have rejected them. For example, 75 years ago, in Bangladesh, agricultural crops were produced by native tools- cow and plough- as to loosen the soil to harvest the crops, but now these have been replaced by the mechanically updated instruments which is a great signpost for losing the traditional rituals. There is, therefore, no expectation to stay connected with instructions followed for decades. Thus, tradition is in danger and will totally be collapsed soon.

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People claim that the development of technology directly causes the fade of traditional cultures, and they cannot coexist. I not only disagree with this idea, in fact, I think that technology generating can help traditional cultures to survive the modern age.

I am here to say thank you to Simon. Although I have never posted any comments on his website before, it is this blog as well as the video courses offered here that have helped me to achieve the desired IELTS result (both 9 in reading and listening, 8 in speaking and in writing). Very practical techniques, and very clear explanations. And I will definitely recommend this website to my friends.
Thank you, Simon, and all those who have posted here.

We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day

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Food in Daily Life. About half the people eat rice as their staple, while the remainder subsist on wheat, barley, maize, and millet. There are thus major geographic differences in diet. Just as fundamental is the division between those who eat meat and those who are vegetarian. Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, and Christians all eat meat, with the important proviso that the first three groups do not consume pork. Lower-caste Hindus eat any meat except beef, whereas members of the higher castes and all Jains are normally vegetarian, with most even avoiding eggs.

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