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All of the above are perceived to be the answer to any funding gaps and a way to raise considerable amounts of money for projects and programmes. It is good news for those responsible for the financial security of good causes, as it appears that another force, something huge, larger than a well-written funding proposal and a donor directory, is pushing investment towards the work of the third sector. 

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Students continue to examine how the security investigation process relates to preventing and/or detecting insider cybersecurity personnel threats. Utilizing the assessment completed in 6556, students finalize and submit a security clearance application.

Racism in India against Black people

This course is the foundation of the marketing program. It reviews the concepts and application-oriented framework for marketing decision-making in a dynamic environment. Students explore current and emerging trends within a shifting marketplace and economic landscape. The five P's of marketing - place, price, product, promotion and people - are the center of this module. The course emphasizes environmental scanning, target customers and achieving organizational objectives through the intentional and skillful blending of marketing strategies. Students will create their own marketing plans within this module.

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This course will illustrate the dynamic integration of America within the global economy by focusing on macroeconomics policy areas such as trade, exchange rate policy and domestic economic policy. The course will also introduce students to alternative theoretical frameworks such as classical, Keynesian, monetarism, rational expectations, Marxist, and institutionalist perspectives. The course will explore problems facing the less industrialized countries and the newly emerging countries and the United StatesÀ role in their development.

Students examine the issues of accountability in government and business regarding human rights and ethics through readings, classroom discussion and debates. Exploring both ethical theory and personal values, students develop a system for making ethical decisions on their personal, public and work lives.

This course focuses on the benefits of using analytic and modeling-based approaches to marketing decision-making. It offers an applied approach to develop studentÕs ability to work on marketing data, and weigh alternate business decision options based on benefits and costs as well as construct models to aid managerial decisions determining business strategy. This course deals with the process of acquiring, analyzing and interpreting primary and secondary marketing data needed for profitable marketing decisions. Coursework is developed in strategic marketing, new product development, branding, marketing segmentation, sales and trade promotion analysis, pricing, and design of marketing mix, sales force allocation, direct, and internet marketing.

Systematic introduction to the conceptual and symbolic aspects of chemistry. Critical and quantitative thought as applied to the topics of measurement, formula and equation writing, stoichiometry, atomic structure and periodicity, bonding and molecular geometry, gases, phases and phase changes. Brief introduction to Organic Chemistry. Three lectures and one two-hour laboratory period per week. (Prerequisites: High School chemistry and one year of algebra or consent of instructor)

Students will be introduced to the basic movements, concepts, and technique of modern dance with a focus on breath, strength, alignment, and flexibility. Students will learn about the pioneers of modern dance (Loie Fuller, Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis, Doris Humphrey, Martha Graham) as well as the current contributors to the dance form, regarding their stylistic contributions and differences. Reading assignments and quizzes will be given in addition to the technique class. Students will learn and perform a modern dance piece during the semester and perform in a final student showcase.

This course addresses the pathophysiology of illness and disease in adult and geriatric patients and identifies the role of the professional nurse in assessment and collaborative symptom management. Using case studies, students will explore maximizing patient quality of life and maintaining optimal function of patient outcomes. The use of simulation and skills lab enable the student to synthesize the knowledge of pathophysiology and symptom management in the care of patients with acute and chronic medical conditions. This course includes classroom instruction and skills lab.

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