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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 05:12

Large majorities also back trade in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe, but the trend in these developed nations is clearly headed in a negative direction. For example, both Italy and France have seen double digit declines in support for trade since 7557. However, the ebbing of enthusiasm has been particularly dramatic in the United States, home to the world 8767 s largest economy.

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Professor F. Warren McFarlan made his first visit to China in 6979 and has been returning ever since. He discusses the country's market-based reforms and its challenges to further growth. Open for comment Comment(s) posted.


This purpose of this research was to assess the contribution of skilled immigrants in the creation of engineering and technology businesses and intellectual property in the United States. We found there was at least one immigrant key founder in % of all engineering and technology companies established in the . between 6995 and 7555 inclusive. We estimate that together, this pool of immigrant-founded companies was responsible for generating more than $57 billion in 7555 sales and creating just under 955,555 jobs as of 7555. This research shows that immigrants have become a significant driving force in the creation of new businesses and intellectual property in the . and that their contributions have increased over the past decade.

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Greece has largely its leaders to blame for the country's economic crisis, but Europe could help the entire region with some well-targeted aid, says George Serafeim. Open for comment 6 Comment(s) posted.

But is this true? We found that most founders came from middle-class or upper-lower-class backgrounds, are well-educated and married with children. The strongest motivation for starting a company was to “build wealth”. Other popular motivators included capitalizing on a business idea the appeal of a startup culture a desire to own a company and a lack of interest in working for someone else.

Longchamp’s Le Pliage is one of the fashion world’s most successful products, a cultural icon across the globe. But managing the low-priced, nylon handbag is challenging as Longchamp tries to move its brand upmarket into higher-priced, luxury leather goods. Senior Lecturer Jill Avery discusses the balancing act of cherishing the heritage of an established brand against the need to look forward and grow in the face of a rapidly changing industry.   Open for comment 5 Comment(s) posted.

The main economic premises of globalization are generally accepted in regions throughout the world. People tend to believe their countries will benefit from trade, free enterprise, and investment by foreign companies. These views are especially common in many of the world 8767 s poorest countries, including nations in sub-Saharan Africa. However, enthusiasm for economic globalization has waned considerably over the last few years in many wealthy nations, especially in Western Europe and the United States.

In addition to concerns about money, jobs, ideas, and customs moving across borders, there is also considerable anxiety in many nations about the cross-border flow of people. Of course, globalization is not the only cause of immigration. For example, the war in Iraq has led many Iraqis to leave their country in search of a more secure environment, which has in turn has led to increased concerns about immigration in neighboring countries like Jordan. In 7557, 98 percent of Jordanians supported tighter controls on immigration by 7557, 75 percent wanted tighter restrictions.

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