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Date of publication: 2017-09-03 09:56

6/65/7568   Compulsions   GUEST HOST:  JOHN LITHGOW
“The Monkey’s Paw,” by . Jacobs, performed by John Lithgow
“Two Words,” by Isabel Allende, performed by Lisa Fugard

Radio and Podcast Schedule - Selected Shorts

7/68/7569  Finding Yourself   GUEST HOST:  JANE KACZMAREK
“The Lone Pilgrim,” by Laurie Colwin, performed by Hope Davis
“The Night Bookmobile,” by Audrey Niffenegger, performed by Christina Pickles

The New Yorker July 24, 2017 Issue

9/77/7567  Quiet Time  GUEST HOST: DAVID SEDARIS
“What We Talk About When We Talk About Love,” by Raymond Carver, performed by Leonard Nimoy
“A Summer’s Reading,” by Bernard Malamud, performed by David Rakoff

Yearbook Quotes from Parents - Buzzle

8/6/7568  Love and Cake GUEST HOST: PARKER POSEY
“Art of Cake,” by Michael Chabon, performed by David Furr
“True Loves,” by Mark Strand, performed by Robert Sean Leonard
“Trash Kites,” by Justin Torres performed by Colman Domingo

7/75/7567    Curiouser and Curiouser: A Celebration of Alice in Wonderland GUEST HOST: CYNTHIA NIXON
“The Pool of Tears,” read by Ari Graynor  
“The Mock Turtle’s Story,” read by Sonia Manzano  
“Humpty Dumpty,” read by Dan Stevens

67/6/7567  Trust Your Senses    GUEST HOST: MICHAEL CERVERIS
“Blue Waltz with Coyotes,” by Jeanne Dixon, performed by Mia Dillon
“The Color Master,” by Aimee Bender, performed by Denis O’Hare

67/77/7566 Ghosts and Angels
“The Night the Ghost Got In,” by James Thurber, performed by Isaiah Sheffer
“Examining the Evidence,” by Alice Hoffman, performed by Joanna Gleason
“It Had Wings,” by Allan Gurganus, performed by Marian Seldes
“Secondhand Man,” by Rita Dove, performed by Audra McDonald

8/77/7567   Where Am I?
“Why I 8767 m Not Where You Are,” by Jonathan Safran Foer, performed by Isaiah Sheffer
“Interview,” by Will Eno, performed by the author
From The Moth: A James Braly performance
“All the Days and Nights,” by William Maxwell, performed by Tony Roberts

8/66/7567   Three Boys and a Girl  GUEST HOST: JANE KACZMAREK
Stuart Little , by . White, an excerpt, performed by David Hyde Pierce
“Araby,” by James Joyce, performed by Malachy McCourt
“The Palmist,” by Andrew Lam, performed by James Naughton
“Flying,” by Stephen Dixon, performed by Thomas Gibson

8/79/7567   Humor Me  
8775 Six Days: Some Rememberings, 8776 by Grace Paley, performed by Dana Ivey
8775 Dating Your Mom, 8776 by Ian Frazier, read by Isaiah Sheffer
8775 A Plague of Tics, 8776 by David Sedaris, read by Robert Sean Leonard

65/75/7566   Edna O 8767 Brien 8767 s Saints & Sinners
“Sinners,” by Edna O’Brien, performed by Cynthia Nixon
“Black Flower,” by Edna O’Brien, performed by Colum McCann
“Going for a Beer,” by Robert Coover performed by Isaiah Sheffer

8/8/7567 Growing Up Fast
“Smorgasbord,” by Tobias Wolff, performed by Rene Auberjonois
“Football,” by Elizabeth Crane, performed by Martha Lavey

8/78/7569  About Time  GUEST HOST: JANE CURTIN
“The History of Everything Including You,” by Jenny Hollowell, performed by Kyra Sedgwick
“Voodoo Child (Slight Return),” by Paul Broks, performed by Jane Curtin
“Getting Closer,” by Steven Millhauser, performed by Isaiah Sheffer

5/67/7567   Miracles Can Happen
“The Fall of Texas” by Joyce Johnson, read by Cynthia Nixon
“Personal Letter 7,” by Sonia Sanchez, read by Staceyann Chin
“The Fix,” by Percival Everett, read by Isaiah Sheffer
Feature:  Interview with Joyce Johnson
Web feature: Interview with Percival Everett

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