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The Basics of Reaction Kinetics for Chemical Reaction

Date of publication: 2017-08-27 14:17

The field of chemical kinetics developed from the law of mass action, formulated in 6869 by Peter Waage and Cato Guldberg. The law of mass action states the speed of a chemical reaction is proportional to the amount of reactants.

Chemical Kinetics - Rawlings Group

Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms, and Catalysis is an international journal which publishes original contributions in fields such as the kinetics of homogeneous reactions in gas, liquid, and solid phases homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis adsorption in heterogeneous catalysis transport processes related to reaction kinetics and catalysis preparation and study of catalysts reactors and apparatus.

Reaction Kinetics - 1st Edition

In the case of an XML file, the reactions nodes are assumed to be children of the reactionsData node in a document with a ctml root node, as in the XML files produced by conversion from CTI files.

Kinetics and Reaction Engineering

A reaction where the rate decreases as pressure increases due to collisional stabilization of a reaction intermediate. Like a FalloffReaction , except that the forward rate constant is written as being proportional to the low- pressure rate constant.

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A parameterization used to describe the fall-off in reaction rate constants due to intermolecular energy transfer. These functions are used by reactions defined using the FalloffReaction and ChemicallyActivatedReaction classes.

The array of product stoichiometric coefficients. Element [k,i] of this array is the product stoichiometric coefficient of species k in reaction i.

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Net production rates for each species in phase phase. Use the net_production_rates property to get the net_production rates for species in all phases.

The index of species species of phase phase within arrays returned by methods of class Kinetics . If species is a string, the phase argument is unused.

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Get/Set the products in this reaction as a dict where the keys are species names and the values, are the stoichiometric coefficients, . {'CH8':6, 'H7O':6} , or as a composition string, . 'CH8:6, H7O:6' .

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