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Product: A tangible item results.
Example: A manual will be created to be used in teaching swimming to this age and proficiency group in the future.

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Though you can get a certificate in grant writing, I don 8767 t recommend it. Two things count in grant writing: Experience and success. Proposals I 8767 ve developed have brought in over $675 million. But some of those early ones were real clunkers. There 8767 s nothing like the feedback of failure to signpost the road to improvement.

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Fedmarket's Proposal Writing Template is a Word document with nine chapter templates with model text and instructions to creating a highly structured draft proposal.

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Objectives are the measurable outcomes of the program. They define your methods. Your objectives must be tangible, specific, concrete, measurable, and achievable in a specified time period. Grantseekers often confuse objectives with goals, which are conceptual and more abstract. For the purpose of illustration, here is the goal of a project with a subsidiary objective:

There has been a good deal written about the use of active voice in writing. I recommend that you write in the active voice. In the active voice, the subject of the sentence is performing the action. Sentences that are written in the passive voice read weak and sound less important.

Re-read your writing and try to find sentences that can be shortened by removing useless words. Concise writing does not contain unnecessary words. Every word should be essential to the sentence. Every word should earn its place on the page. For example:

Foundation Center president Bradford Smith and grant writing consultant Pamela Grow answer your questions on how to approach foundations that do not accept unsolicited proposals.

Organization and its expertise
A brief statement of the history, purpose, and activities of your agency, emphasizing its capacity to carry out this proposal (one paragraph).

In itemizing grant support, make note of any earmarked grants this will suggest how new grants may be allocated. The total grant support already committed should then be deducted from the Total Expenses line on the expense budget to give you the Amount to Be Raised or the Balance Requested.

Figure X-X provides a summary of the specific methods proposed to address the human resources functions defined in the RFP more information about these methods is provided in the sections that follow.

Our company is dedicated to enhancing contract performance and to making the contract a model for superior _____ (kind of services) services across the Federal government. Our team is in an ideal position to improve ______ services, because our approach builds on the core ______ program already in place at ____ (agency).

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