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Take an honest look, and see who refuses to examine facts honestly, see whose opinions are actually automatically dismissed, and who 8767 s doing the actual dismissing, to great personal profit, and you will understand why men, as a group, have no obligation to explain anything to you. Because men do not have the same in-group bias that women do, and which women constantly project onto the other gender.

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Men as providers and protectors, men as economic surplus producing, disposable mules. By your reasoning, this must be what I 8767 m arguing men should be.

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It 8767 s an essay about our culture wars that are particularly dominant here in the US (but also online) look at our presidential candidates, Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter, the student protest movements, the increasing retort of 8775 that 8767 s just pc nonsense 8776 as a weapon on the right towards anything they don 8767 t like on the left (including scientific facts), the MRA vs feminism, gun owners declaring they 8767 ll stage armed revolt if anyone tries to pass rules regulating weapons, the fight to keep/defund Planned Parenthood (or bomb it) and so on.

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It wasn 8767 t simply because they 8766 had something to say 8767 . It was because they ganged up on him en masse even though they had literally nothing to gain from doing so.

8775 Contrast this with women who write about traditionally male pursuits like sports, for example, who face endless harassment no matter what they say, 8776

I don 8767 t want women to walk around pre-emptively guessing if they 8767 ll 8766 offend 8767 me or not and saying 8766 men, not all men 8767 . I want women to say what they want to say when they want to say it, and I find it embarrassing to read your fragile defense of masculinity, and entitlement, laden with the expectation that women will cater to you/me/any man.

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Containing a brief History of the State of Ohio, from its earliest settlement to the present time, embracing its topography, geological, physical and climatic features its agricultural, stock-growing, railroad interests, etc. a History of Delaware County, giving an account of its aboriginal inhabitants, early settlement by the whites, pioneer incidents, its growth, its improvements, organization of the county, its judicial and political history, its business and industries, churches, schools, etc, Biographical Sketches Portraits of some of the Early Settlers and Prominent Men, etc.

CAD:   But also I’d thought what would their theme tune be and I thought “These Boots Are Made For Walking”, which is sort of triumphant and also sexy.

Please note the all/some distinction in my previous post. The Jewish people I was addressing were those jewish people in that society that supported oppression.

Rebecca has articulated that which I missed back then the child is all-but invisible, and that in itself is the essence of the tragedy (whether or not VN intended). In my reading, I had followed the narrative lead utterly uncritically. This places her as a chattel, a pretty object whose sole purpose is to furnish the narrative with a focus for HH 8767 s self-obsessed fantasies.

I 8767 m not going to reveal which constituency I 8767 m from and hopefully my comment is neutral enough that it 8767 s a little difficult to figure it out.

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