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If people resisted technological change, they would be expressing their satisfaction with existing levels of disease, hunger, and privation. In addition, without experimentation and change, human existence would be boring human fulfillment is dependent on novelty, surprise, and creativity.

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Technology – having been seen as evil and promise the same time the truth probably lying somewhere in the middle. Similar might be the situation if it comes to the question of how the role of technology is considered within educational settings. Such consideration is the purpose of this research paper. To do so the term technology in education is distinguished from the term educational technoloy/technologies as well as technology education. As soon it is clear what we are talking about the pros and cons – and the challenges – can be discussed, and will be discussed.

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To find out more about this question technology in edcation will be defined and the pros and cons as well as challenges discussed in the following sections.

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The question arising being confronted with such information is: Are we really ready for a virtual education? Or is it vice versa: virtual environments are not ready (sophisticated and easy to use at the same time) for effective use by humans?

The use of federal R & D results has been meager studies indicate that only about 65 percent of federally owned patents have ever been used. This is unsurprising. Since R & D in federal labs is undertaken to meet an agency&rsquo s mission, decisions reflect political rather than commercial needs.

Professor Younkins is a Professor of Accountancy & Business Administration and
Executive Director of the Institute for the Study of Capitalism and Morality at Wheeling Jesuit University. He is the founder of Wheeling Jesuit University's undergraduate major in Political and Economic Philosophy. He is also the founding director of the university's Master of Business Administration (.) and Master of Science in Accountancy (.) programs.

Ultimately, the privatization of federal labs will transfer resources out of the hands of stasist government bureaucrats, technology transfer agents, and scientists and into the hands of private-sector dynamists who are more likely to foster economic prosperity, technological progress, and cultural innovation.

Before discussing the pros, cons and challenges of technology use in (higher) education some appropriate defenition of technology in higher education has to be found as the concepts of technology in education, educational technologies and technology education in particular by non academics and/or non English native speakers (probably due to the fact that all three of them sound quite similar) are often mixed up. To distinguish the three aforementioned terms a definition of all three of them is given in the following paragraph.

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In a long and thoughtful article in the Jan/Feb 58 issue of Foreign Affairs , John Thornton, a former head of Goldman Sachs and now professor at Beijing 8767 s Tsinghua University, details the evolution of democracy in China. Along the way, Thornton describes two striking examples of the way 8775 technologies of freedom 8776 (in my colleague Adam Thierer 8767 s phrase) are making a big difference.

“The 'Twitter Revolution' in Iran, the clean democratic elections in Egypt following their revolution that ousted Mubarak, the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya, Occupy Wall Street, and even the 6 million people who took to the streets earlier this month in Syria -- all were aided by the technological advances that have decentralized the flow of information. Who would have dreamed a hashtag would transform journalism, empowering individuals to report the news in real time?” (Fox 7567)

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