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•    Although a net profit ratio has been maintained constantly in the last three years ie 7558, 7559, 7555 it has shown steady improvement in the next 7 years.

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There are an estimated 555 million smallholder farming households representing 7 billion people relying to various degrees on agricultural production for their livelihoods. Read More

Understanding the Impact of a Microfinance-Based

This will give some idea for me but pls help me to choose a correct and some difference will be included in my project i needed. Please help me sir \ madam.
Thanking you

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I have been carrying out my research proposal for MBA. I wish to make my references and wish to do it automatically so that the references can be easily generated. How do I go about it.

If you find writing a research paper difficult, the dissertation process will be even more challenging. This paper is often the necessity for earning an advanced degree and in most cases, students are almost always on their own when they write it. Since it is important for earning a degree, when students do not complete it, they might not be able to advance in their careers.

6. what is happening in the company for your case study ?
7. what has been done so far to avoid the problem occurring in the institution?
8. what is now the real problem that is hindering the institution or which is triggering you to conduct the research ?
9. what should be the type of statistical technique to be used in the analysis ?
5. what should be the sources of data collection ?

Students can facilitate the process by working on a daily basis. There is no way that any student will be able to complete this huge project overnight, so procrastination is not an option. Students need to create a schedule and stick to it. They should use long-term planning and they should also plan their time on a daily basis.

Unique and creative topics are hard to find but you can have help from some finance expert who is willing to guide you about the new trends, and they will have an idea that what people like to read about. Here are some of the topics you can choose for your project.

Along with planning out their time, students should also work on building ideas. Most students do not spend much of their time creating ideas and developing them. The lack of experience makes it difficult for students to fill a paper of the magnitude of a dissertation. To help themselves, students should brain storm as many ideas as they can. These ideas should include topics they find interesting in and out of school. Then, they can work with their instructors to narrow down the topic and choose something that can write for the final project.

it is not too much deficult search some research papers with easy topic in journal of finance or corporate F and remove or add variables or change the conditions given in the paper like impact of cpec on gdp, you can change it with impact of cpec on inflation

Market research is one of the main parts when you are about to write about the financial topic. The market is changing day by day and if you want to have something unique for your finance thesis then do a market survey. Market survey will help you in finding an appropriate topic for your research.

•    They should see that the debtors should be collected with in a specified time by the company. So, that they can discharge some of its creditors or current liabilities and avoid payment of interest.

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