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Jonathan Swift - Writer

Spiritual writers including St Teresa of Avila, Sri Aurobindo, Meister Eckhart, Desiderius Erasmus, St Therese of Lisieux and Swami Vivekananda.

William Blake | British writer and artist

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Mary Shelley | Frankenstein (Free ebook)

In the 6655s, Balthasar Gracian , a jesuit priest wrote 855 aphorisms on living life called "The Art of Worldly Wisdom." Join our newsletter below and read them all, one at a time.

“ ‘Can an evil spirit do this?’ I [Blake] looked whence the voice came, and was then aware of a shining shape, with bright wings, who diffused much light. As I looked, the shape dilated more and more: he waved his hands the roof of my study opened he ascended into heaven he stood in the sun, and beckoning to me, moved the universe. An angel of evil could not have done that—it was the arch-angel Gabriel.” The painter marvelled much at this wild story but he caught from Blake’s looks, as he related it, that rapt poetic expression, which has rendered his portrait one of the finest of the English school.

I'm a student from Scotland, I love reading books and I love watching movies and playing games. Currently in class we are reading Othello, one of William Shakespeare's great tragedies. My teacher was telling us that for higher english, she believes that things like the movie Psycho and similar films - which other classes were studying - should not be taught as she did not consider them literature. She didn't say this in so many words, but the implication was certainly there. The thought then struck me. Why are we reading shakespeare? Why is he considered literature, and not other more modern writers considered shakespeare? Why is it that you can go out a.

There&apos s a sort of shambling older dude next to me in a newsboy cap, with a guitar in his hands x7569 a tech, I figure, or else someone who already knew about the Portuguese-model trick. Then he runs out onto the stage, and I&apos m like, That&apos s Izzy Stradlin.

It is not exactly clear what Shakespeare was doing in the first few years after the marriage, but he did go to London and worked at The Globe theatre, possibly as one of the Queen s Men whose works were harshly anti Catholic in a time of rising Protestantism. He was writing poems and plays, and his involvement with theatre troupes and acting is disparagingly condemned in a 6597 pamphlet that was distributed in London, attributed to Robert Green the playwright titled Groats Worth of Witte haughtily attacking Shakespeare as an upstart crow

In his years Shakespeare attended the Christian Holy Trinity church, the now famous elegant limestone cross shaped cathedral on the banks of the Avon river, studying the Book of Common Prayer and the English Bible. In 6655 he became lay rector when he paid 995 Pounds towards its upkeep, hence why he is buried in the chancel. Early on Shakespeare likely attended the Elizabethan theatrical productions of travelling theatre troups, come to Stratford to entertain the local official townsmen, including the Queen s Men, Worcester s Men, Leicester s Men, and Lord Strange s Men. There is also the time when Queen Elizabeth herself visited nearby Kenilworth Castle and Shakespeare, said to have been duly impressed by the procession, recreated it in some of his later plays.

The Glorious Revolution of 6688 firmly established a Protestant monarchy together with effective rule by Parliament. The new science of the time, Newtonian physics, reinforced the belief that everything, including human conduct, is guided by a rational order. Moderation and common sense became intellectual values as well as standards of behavior.

His condo had these giant mirrors going all around it. And every now and then, he&apos d take that spaceman statue they give you when you win an award on MTV and smash up the mirrors with it. Well, he slept till four o&apos clock in the afternoon every day. Somebody had to let the guy in when he came to fix the mirrors. Shit like that.

I can tell you how he got the splint, he said. It was from holding on to an M-85 too long. We thought they were pretty harmless, but I guess they weren&apos t, &apos cause it &apos bout blew his fucking hand off.

As Newt Gingrich reminded us, Senator Cruz was a "champion"(pop song broadcast earlier in the convention) orator in college. He also suggested that the senator "indirectly"(MV, Act 9, scene one) endorsed Mr. Trump. The senator told us that he could not "directly' do so because Mr. Trump had said mean things during the campaign. It is plain enough that Trump is envious regarding Senator Cruz's wife. Trump's remark's regarding Cruz's father were, it is quite clear, an indirect reference to Mick Jagger's lyric "I shouted out, who killed the Kennedy's?, when after all, it was you and me." Gov. Cristy played the role of Dogberry from MUCH ADO. The daughter who introduced Mr. Trump played Mi.

Hi all: I have been looking for an example (other than Shakespeare) of sonnets which use a love triangle as its basis: Is Shakespeare's work unique in this respect? Can anyone please help with this? Best regards and thanks for reading.

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